15 dicembre 2015

Ms. Miss

"I just saw the film. It's very apparent how incredibly intelligent she was, obvious to the world her talent, she was a very deep, sensitive soul. The world has always been a hard place for artists. Maybe especially now. I recognize technology had empowered artists in new ways. But culturally, emotionally, it's gotten worse in other ways. She was a very strong woman but she had no strong men in her life to balance her out. No one truly loved her as much as she loved them it's all in her lyrics, interviews. Even musically her contemporaries are not really a match. She did what she came here to do. She immortalized her soul in her songs, and she'll live forever in our hearts. I don't blame her. I am just sad for myself that I don't get to hear what else she might've done. That as great as she was- she would only have gotten better. But once you go there- with certain drugs- she said so herself love is like a drug and she's the type who would just give herself completely over- that's what made her great in her music. But when no one appreciated or took care and just took advantage- there was nothing left for her, there was no coming back. And really- be honest- would anyone? You? Me? The media? Ever let her live it down and get over the bad times? No. Probably not and she knew that. It's not fair. 'Normal' people out of public eye don't have to have all their failures or mistakes, hardships, traumas, along with the success- all immortalized. I wish for us that we still had her around. But I don't blame her for checking out. She already did great work- loved hard- and I believe she rests in peace. "

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